STEELMAN AMANDEEP SINGH (Born on 5th Dec,1981) S/o Late S.Jaspal Singh from Ismailabad, Haryana, India, has holded 20 bikes which are in full speed with his arms for 1 minute. He  slept on the platform of nails which are under his abs. A person of 65 kg jumped on him from 10 feet height. Two cars and a truck crossed on his body. Three hammers strongly hit on his arms on chest at same time. One car crossed from his abs and nails under his abs at the same time. He holded a man of 65 kgs with his mouth for 30 seconds. He holded two bikes with his shoulder for 30 seconds. One bike holded for 1 minute with his hands. Hammer attacked on his front with full speed. He stoped a bike which is in full speed with his teeth and he broken 50 beer bottles in 60 seconds with his hand.

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