Wonder Book of Records

Wonder Book of Records organization started in India in 2010 in Maharastra (Mumbai. Based,. This Is headed by Neelam. It provides International Records claim in WBR. WBR for any Record than He/ She will approach online to WBR. Once complete the application process, WBR decide that whether the record claim will be accepted or not as a International Record. Wonder Book of Records organization Is not obligated  Read More..

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BRAHMAKUMARIS BANER from Pune, Maharashtra, India. They have set a tremendous record by making Biggest Greeting card of size in length 40 feet and width 56 feets. On the occasaion of Rajyogini Dadi Ratanmohiniji joint cheif of Brahmakumaris Birthday. On 25th February, 2020.  Read More

Breaking 20 tiles in just 20 seconds

Gogulur Satya Gopal Reddy S/o Late Gogulur Venkat Reddy born on 24th April 1974 from Hyderbad, Telangana, India. He has set a tremendous record by organizing an event in which 20 people break 20 tiles in just 20 minutes at on 20th Feburary…  Read More


Smt. G Sandhya Murthy W/O Late Sri. G Krishna Murthy, born on 22 June 1953 at Anantapuram, Andhra Pradesh, India, has set a record in an event SAARANGA LAAASITHA- Sangeetha Nrutya Jhari, involving 108 singers reciting mystical melodies and 108 dancers performing celestial…  Read More