Term and Conditions

Invite a Wonder Book Of Record Judges

If you wish to get your record verified on spot you can Invite a Judge from International ” Wonder Book of Records” in your recognizing your record breaking/making attempt. It includes some cost which will be factored according to the distance of the record making location and the duration of record making activity.

Salient features, will be at your disposal after you receive this service:
  • Advice will be offered on types of record that can be attempted.PR (public relation) support with coverage in National/State print or electronic media (Facility is available without adjudication on package).
  • Internal application process. Certificate on the spot is issued if the record attempt is successful
  • License for the usage of Wonder Book of Records logo for creating awareness about your record attempt for up to 3 weeks on leaflets, pamphlets, your website, newspaper and your record making event will be displayed in our latest updates of the website.

Declaration of the successful record by the judge.

Terms and Conditions:
  • To seek our renowned judge team, contacts us at least 15 days prior to your attempt.
  • Details about the record must be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to the record attempt.
  • Wonder Book of Records Judge will provide an on spot provisional certificate and Momento (gold medal, badge).
    Certificate will be issued on spot only if the record makking attempt goes successful.
  • In case of the group attempt Invite a Judge Form needs to be filled by the organizer.
  • In order to facilitate the adjudication service, parent/guardian (in case of minor) needs to fill the Claimant Form.
  • We also issue a record book of the achievements annually.

To get an adjudication service you can call us at :- 9346781399, 9246581399 You can also email us at: bingigoud3@gmail.com Head Office mail ID: wonderbookof records@gmail.com
Website Address: www.wonderbookofrecords.com
Fast Track Structure: 12,400 INR
Normal Track: 60 days, 8,000 INR
Note: If you wish to invite the judges , co coordinators fees, accommodation and travel expenses should be taken care of.