Hon’ble Chief Minister NARA CHANDRA BABU NAIDU S/o Kharjura Naidu (Born on 20th Apr 1950) from Andhra Pradesh, India. A grand occasion taken place on 22-10-2015 at Amaravati, Andhra pradesh, having been inaugurated by yet another legendary the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India. “Shri Narendra Modi” who paved way for a Swachh Bharat and a fully technology oriented India. The main features of this function covers 33,000 Acres of land pooling with the active support of all farmers of Andhra pradesh. Great dignitaries have witnessed the occasion. The great event of the function was collection of sacred mud from all the vulnerable villages of Andhra pradesh and along all the rivers of India with water pots from all sacred rivers. A great focus was presented on the sculturic beauties of Amaravati and the future vision of a great capital which is going to be the world’s greatest capital. All the structures and contructions are very notably planned for the satisfaction of he entire people of Andhra pradesh.

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