MOST VISITORS VISITING MAHATMA GANDHI`S EXHIBITION` PANCHSHIL SCHOOL, Rajkot, organized exhibition of more than 3000 photographs of Mahatma Gandhi Ji`s collections, along with 1200 creative art work prepared by school students. The live spinning on charkha was done by students on 2 days. The copies of newspaper edited by Father of Nation (Harijan,etc.) was displayed. The collection of postal stamps from various countries alongwith coins currency notes were also exhibited. Number of persons dressed up in Mahatma Gandhi Ji`s make up. Largest post card, key ring collection, etc. On Mahatma Gandhi attracted lot of visitors. The exhibits, were widely appraised and appreciated by 4,35,827 visitors who visited during these 2 days, i.e. 30th and 31st Jan, 2016.

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