Mr.Maani Masilamani S/o T.S. Manickam (born on 18th June, 1949) Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, has created a new book in Tamil language on psychology, with 156 lessons, 1560 sub headings, 6431 pages, 1621865 total words duration is 7 years.
It is about the Activities of human mind’s after realizing how to conduct oneself, it is making him understand what
is self realization. It makes Human act after realizing what is behaviour and duty. It explains you questions
like from where did you come ? Why did you come ? Where are you going ? What did you do ? What are you doing ? What
are you going to do ? And gives answer for them. It explains the connections of the mind. It explains how the mind
is connected with living being, Earth, the sun, Universal, Dark space and the almighty.

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