M Dhanvika D/o of M Srinivas and M Sirisha Born on 2nd December 2016 from Secunderabad, Hyderabad, India. She has set a remarkable record in skating. She performed non-stop skating with Blind fold while holding two fire pots, skated with one pot and the national flag. Her feats include skating with two sticks, backward skating with two pots, rolling a ball while skating, and skating with tube lights. Notably, she skated with a fire pot for 18 km, blindfolded with a fire pot on her head for 3 km, and performed hula hoop ring rotation with a fire pot for 2 km. Additionally, she executed korasamu stick rotation with one hand for 3 km, with two hands for 4 km, rolling ball skating for 4 km, and backward skating for 2 km. This achivement has been entered into International Wonderbook Of Records.

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