MR.ADDICHERLA MADHAV RAO S/o Shri Rajeswara Rao (Born on 2nd August 1972) from Warangal, Telangana state, India is a rare social worker. He has choosen a wonderful activity of collecting eye balls from dead persons after the family member’s consent of the dead bodies. He hasstarted this yeoman work from 2009 onwards and so far collected 188 eye balls after the process of enucleation (removal of eye balls from dead bodies) and handed over to to L.V.Prasad eye institute for implantation to needy persons. All this social work got him sowmya awards from government and private organizations. He is an expert in eye ball enucleation with scientific methods, a motivator for cataract operations and also a donor of spectacles to needy poor people. His gesture of getting eye sights for manyneedy poor people is highly laudable and needs more appreciation from national and international

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