This is to certify that SRIVATSAV SADASIVUNI S/o S. Shanmukha Rao (Born on 18/Feb/1980) from Hyderabad, India, has made cartoons and done  Page-setting and E-Book compilation for 18-e-Books on Bhagavad gita Mahabharata and Krishna in 18 months, and thereby a world record of maximum cartoons & page-setting for e-Books on any single group of subjects. He made for the following books and languages. KIDS LAUGH & amp; LEARN GITA in three Languages : Telugu, English & amp; Tamil (3), SHORTEST GITA IN THE WORLD in four Languages, English, Tamil, Telugu & amp; Hindi (4), KRISHNA PROMISES in English (1), LAUGH & amp; LEARN MANAGEMENT in English (1), LAUGH & amp; LEARN PROJECT MANAGEMENT in English (1) HOW TO DEAL WITH WIFE in English (1), JOKANTAKSHARI-CH1 in English & amp; Tamil (2), JOKANTAKSHARI-CH 2 in English & amp; Tamil (2), IMPOSSIBLE MAHABHARATA  inEnglish (1) and KRISHNA THE CXO in English (1) & Tirukkural & amp; 81 qualities of Krishna (1)-TOTALLING TO 18 e-BOOKS from January 2016 to June, 2017.

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