Wonder Book of Records

Wonder Book of Records organization started in India in 2010 in Maharastra (Mumbai. Based,. This Is headed by Neelam. It provides International Records claim in WBR. WBR for any Record than He/ She will approach online to WBR. Once complete the application process, WBR decide that whether the record claim will be accepted or not as a International Record. Wonder Book of Records organization Is not obligated  Read More..

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Names of 85 cricketers in one minute

"Master Harshil (Age 7 years and 9 months) (son of Mrs Nikita and Mr Chandresh Shah)" from Pune, Maharashtra, India, has created a new record by reciting the names of 85 cricketers in one minute". The record was created on 30th March 2024,…  Read More

14 hours 140 songs non stop singing in four different Languages

Melody king Peyyeti Vamsy Mohan Kumar, S/o Peyyeti Nagendra Kumar, born on August 25th, 1980, in Hyderabad, Telangana, India, Has set an extraordinary record by singing 14 hours 140 songs non stop in four different languages ,Telugu , Hindi, Tamil and Kannada including…  Read More


Mr. Anumandla Nagaraju, Managing Director ANS24TV (Vela Gonthukala Vedika) Hanumakonda has successfully conducted nonstop 12 hours Devotional songs singing event, named " SWARARCHANA" on the occasion of Prana Pratishtha Cermony Of Ram Mandir At Ayodhya, In this event, 108 singers have participated and…  Read More