About Us

Wonder Book of Records organization started in India in 2010 in London. Based,. This Is headed by Neelam. It provides International Records claim in WBR. WBR for any Record than He/ She will approach online to WBR. Once complete the application process, WBR decide that whether the record claim will be accepted or not as a International Record. Wonder Book of Records organization Is not obligated to designate International Record status to any submission as the decision Is based on their belief in supporting evidence and or relevance of their claim. Wonder Book of Records policy try to find strange a. unseal anomalies are not world records. Stunts involving luck or uncontrolled danger should not be submitted. Wonder Book of Records is an initiative to showcase amazing human fests, incredible achievements a. unique events. The incredible contents of Wonder Book of Records are reaching out to all potential people which in turn Pare way to display the Latent talents.

The Authorities at International Wonder Book Of Records alms to recognize such incredible achievements and authenticate them which are achieved by and belongs to only one person in the world and are popularly known as Intentional Recognized Achievements. International Wonder 1,02 0! Records of identify such achievers around the world and to publish their achievements on our International records database webs. as well as in our awn, publication. Achievers In different sectors and fields are applying for their records to be verified by us because of our systematic a. fine process of Certification and Authentication. International Wonder Book Of Records, through Its publications, is reaching out to potential people across the globe and encouraging them to display their hidden talent globally. Our Intention is to bring extra ordinary out of ordinary people and showcase their talent to the open world. We provide this opportunity to every achievement holder to show and get their milkmen* recognized by international Wonder Book Of Records. www.wonderbookofrecord.corn