Wonder Book of Records

Wonder Book of Records organization started in India in 2010 in Maharastra (Mumbai. Based,. This Is headed by Neelam. It provides International Records claim in WBR. WBR for any Record than He/ She will approach online to WBR. Once complete the application process, WBR decide that whether the record claim will be accepted or not as a International Record. Wonder Book of Records organization Is not obligated  Read More..

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SRI CHAITANYA SCHOOL - INDIA, Hyderabad, Telangana, India, set up a stupendous record by organizing International Yoga Day with a participation of 600 location and about 13,000 students and parents attending Online Yoga Day Celebrations with a total count of 62,000(62k) Views on…  Read More

Largest fingerprint painting by single artist

T.Sai Harshit S/o T.Vindhya Raghuveer age of 10 years (17-02-2010) has done the largest fingerprint painting on the concept of Corona virus (COVID-19) which measures 31,248 Sq.inches. The painting includes "LOCKDOWN THEME", 'What to do and what not to do', Alphabets each says…  Read More


SAMAYRA SHUKLA born on 27-07-2018 , D/o SURENDRA SHUKLA from New Dehli , India. She had set up an fascinating record by identifying many objects up to 25 items and many animals up to 17 and other parts of body like eyes, nose,…  Read More