WORLD RENEWAL SPIRITUAL TRUST from Abu Road, Rajasthan, India has created a new world record by developing and promoting of renewable record by developing and promoting of renewable energy source project.WRST a sister concern of Brahma Kumaris has developed “INDIA ONE” a 1 MW SOLAR THERMAL POWER PLANT – Which comprises 770 Nos. of 60 m2 in-house developed parabolic
dishes, Modular Design with network enabled automated dual axis tracking & ultra – modern motionless cavity receiver for efficient land use.
The solar plant has thermal storage capacity which can be utilized for night operations and direct steam generation. The total space covered by the plant is1,17,000 square meter. Event celebrated on 17th to 20th september 2018. Venue : World Renewal Spiritual Trust, Solar site, Shantivan campus, Telheti,Abu Road, Rajasthan, India.

Abu Road, Rajasthan, India.

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